The Studio.

Created from a simple desire to use design to help businesses find more focus, feel more confident and offer more value.

Hi, I'm Rach.

Rachel, if we're being formal (which we never are). I founded Moka because I wanted to take what I loved doing and use it to help other dreamers and entrepreneurs do more of what they love.

So why design? It's simple; Design has the power to transform. Not only does it bring people joy, great design can influence the way people interact with your business. It can generate emotion, shift behaviour and inspire change. To take your business seriously is to appreciate what good design can do to accelerate success.

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Core Values

good humour
quality over quantity
good coffee

I remember sitting at my desk at my 9-5 job, sipping terrible coffee, wondering if this was really it...

It didn't take me long to decide that it wouldn't in fact, be it. And so I grabbed a sketch book and began to plan. Jump ahead a few years and here I am, working with incredibly cool clients every day helping them build their vision and grow their businesses. And drinking much better coffee...
Want to do more of what you love and look good doing it? Good. We'll get along just fine.
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