Brand Strategy, Visual Identity Design, Messaging, Packaging & Collateral, Shopify Website


Strategist & Creative Lead

Taryn and Sarah, co-founders of the beautiful small-batch textiles brand, Ecru, came to me with just an idea and we turned it into reality.

With a clear vision for what they wanted to do, branding felt like the natural next step. But we took a step back and dived into an in-depth brand strategy to lay the foundation for the brand's identity in a cluttered industry. After 3 weeks of unpacking and growing the brand story, we moved into crafting the perfect visual brand for Ecru. Inspired by nature in every way, the identity is organic, perfectly imperfect, and yet simple enough to work well on print, labeling, and social. Welcome to the world, Ecru!

Collaborators & Project Credits

Shopify website layout and set up: Kerry Searle | Nightingale